Whatcha Doin’ Rod McKuen?

Whatcha doin’, Rod McKuen?
You’re writing all the time, that’s not much action.
Whatcha doin’, Rod McKuen?
You always speak in rhyme, don’t move a fraction.

The world is there for those of us who don’t sit on our butts.
A poet’s life is guaranteed to drive a sane man nuts.
So rest your pen and head downtown to have a little fun.
And let your cramped up fingers do some walking in the sun.

Whatcha doin’, Rod McKuen?
You’re singing all the time, you should be moving.
Whatcha doin’, Rod McKuen?
It wouldn’t be a crime if you were grooving.

There’s more to life than putting out another swingin’ tune
Recording til all hours is for ninnies like Pat Boone
So rest your pipes and hit the town to make a bit of noise
That doesn’t call for reverb, overdubs or flanger toys

Musical Interlude

Whatcha doin’, Rod McKuen?
You shouldn’t take advice so willy nilly
Whatcha doin’, Rod McKuen?
You’re dancing like a fool and acting silly

The barmaids in your town have learned your favorite recipes
The doormen and the cabbies have been busier than bees
No poetry or singing when a man has other plans
Get back to work you selfish jerk; think about your fans!

-P. Edwin Letcher